District Clerk Patti Flores

Contact Information

900 7th Street, RM 303
Wichita Falls, Texas 76301

Phone Numbers: 940-766-8100 option 5
Jury Information: (940)766-8292


Duties and Responsibilities


The District Clerk maintains the official record of the Court by receiving all documents for filing in criminal felony cases, family, juvenile and delinquent tax cases and civil court cases.
The District Clerk performs duties beginning at the time a case is filed, during proceedings all the way through disposition, and then through the appeals process and ancillary proceedings that may occur many years after judgment.
After a court case is filed, the District Clerk may be requested by an attorney or directed by court order to issue certain documents. Some of the documents issued may include a citation to notify a party that a case was filed, a capias to have someone arrested, a protective order to keep someone from harm, a writ to withhold income for child support, or an order to sell property to satisfy a judgment.
According to statutory requirements, the District Clerk gathers data to report to many State and local agencies. This extensive reporting assists the County, the State and the Texas Legislature in determining the proper operations of the Courts, the effectiveness of the statutes and the need for changes.


The District Clerk is responsible for managing the records so they are easily retrieved for court use and public information. The Wichita County District Clerks' office maintains records that date back to 1882. As custodian of these permanent records, the Clerk must assure that they are preserved and archived.


The District Clerk collects and distributes over $1,000,000.00 annually. The various monies collected are for County and State costs, fines, miscellaneous court fees and money ordered to be paid into the registry of the court.


The District Clerk is the officer of the Court in charge of the jury selection process for Wichita County. Jurors are randomly selected by the County computer system from a source consisting of the current voter registration lists from all the precincts in the county and residents of the county that have a valid Texas driver’s license or valid personal identification card or certificate issued by the Department of Public Safety.